Sam Waterston


  1. Bo Svenson, The Great Waldo Pepper, 1973.  Waterston, Jack Nicholson and George Segal were possibles for Axel Olsson, Robert Redford’s post WWi barnstorming stunt pilot rival. The Butch & Sundance director George Roy Hill chose 1920 faces over acting experience.  “Which may have been a huge mistake.”  Robert Redford did his own flying circus wing-walking. Not Svenson. Not even when Hill threatened to fire him. Redford sensed failure in the air. Well, of course. No Newman!
  2. Sam Neill, Possession, France-West Germany, 1980.  Polish (now Ukrainian) born director Andrzej Zulawski wanted Julie Christie and Sam Waterson as the constantly fighting couple – shot in such an over-the-top manner that made Ken Russell seem a Disney helmer.    Even so, Neill often cited it as the favourite of his filmgraphy.

  3. Tom Hulce, Amadeus, 1983.   The future éminence grise of TV’s Law & Order auditioned for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. So did Tim Curry, Mel Gibson, Mark Hamill… 

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