Sandra Bernhard

  1. Annie Potts, Ghostbusters, 1983.  The paranormal was, said Dan Aykord, his family’s business. That and having stayed in a house haunted by Mama Cass Elliott inspired his dark, futuristic update of such 40s’ comedies as Bob Hope’s Ghost Breakers and the Bowery Boys as Ghost Chasers –  penned for John Belushi, Eddie Murphy and himself. They became “Billy” Murray, Akyroyd and Harold Ramis as, joked Dan, the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin  Man!   Bernhard was first offered Janine Meinitz –  the sole role coming her way after the comic’s breakthrough in Scorsese-De Niro country. “If I had my way, after King of Comedy, I would’ve been a huge movie star. I thought I’d get offered roles in the Diane Keaton-Julie Christie area. I think of myself as a cross between those two.” She fled back to comedy clubs and wrecking David Letterman’s TV chat-show with Madonna – “the best lover I ever had.” Sweet.
  2. Loretta Swit, Beer, 1985.    Part of the team dreaming up a macho ad campaign  for a failing brewery.


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