Sandy Dennis

1. – Julie Christie, Petulia, 1968. The John Haase novel had been on rebel director Robert Altman’s shelf before Richard Lester’s. Sandy preferred a more erotic Altman project: That Cold Day in the Park.

2. – Susannah York, Images, 1972. This is Altman’s Persona and he first intended it for the star of his unknown That Cold Day in the Park, 1969. She was now known: two Tonys, one Oscar. He thought everyone would flip – “the greatest discovery since hash. And nobody liked it much.” He later thought it a little heavy-handed, not that he’d change it.

3. – Marta Heflin, A Perfect Couple, 1978. Sole case on (my) record of losing a role due to loving cats… Altman had Sheila penned for Sandy. Trouble was she often attended rehearsals with as many as five kitties and co-star Paul Dooley was allergic to them and was rushed to hospital. Altman called another SD, his 1969 discovery for Brewster McCloud. She simply said no thanks – having said the same to A Wedding, 1977. (But Shelley Duvall had already begun The Shooting in London). He then changed Sheila from earth-mother to a groupie for Marta Heflin (Van’s neice). Three of Marta’s seven movies were for Altman.


 Birth year: 1937Death year: 1992Other name: Casting Calls:  3