Scott Foley

  1. Scott Speedman, Felicity, TV, 1998-2002.     Scott F was set as Felicity’s long-time crush, Ben, until the producers found it impossible to find a Noel… and Scott S became crushworthy.
  2. Josh Radnor, How I Met Your Mother, TV, 2005-2014.  Putting the record straight, creators Carter Bays and  Craig Thomas revealed that Foley deciuded against  rejected the lead  role of Ted Mosby.   By, Foley was in Scandal, as  NSA director  Jake Ballard  Kerry Washington’s secondary love – the first bein OPTIS – Tony Goldwyn.

  3. Henry Ian Cusick, Scandal, TV, 2014.2015.    “I wrote the part for Scott Foley, and I told Scott Foley that,” said showrunner Shopnda Rhimes, who already had two shows on air, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice,. “That’s why we killed him on Grey’s Anatomy. How can anybody resist Scott Foley? And they rejected him! They wanted somebody with international appeal.” ABC loved Cusick, noted producer Betsy Beers, “because he’d done Lost!” Foley   vaulted into Goodwin Games at Fox. “The day it was canceled, Shonda said she wanted me to be a love interest for Olivia Pope” – National Secirity Agence director Jake Ballard.

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