Scott Marlowe

  1.  Dennis Hopper, Carnival, TV,  1956.       Her Bryonic lover from the Actors Studio couldn’t co-star withNatalie Wood. “God, she was magnificent!” He was stuck in another TV show.  “My heart was wrenched” – particuarly on learning his replacement was  another of her lovers. Another of his lovers was her frequent co-star, Tab Hunter. 
  2. Michael Landon, I Was A Teenage Werewolf, 1957.      The role of the year (!) was a battle between young bloods Marlowe and the future TV superstar. With 109 screen credits, Marlowe guested in most every TV series but only one of Landon’s – the Season Eight Bonanza tale, The Roper, in April 1964. The bi-sexual’s flings included Tab Hunter and a Natalie Wood.

 Birth year: 1932Death year: 2001Other name: Casting Calls:  2