Scout Taylor-Compton


  1. Kristen Stewart, The Messengers, 2006.    She, er, scouted the auditions for the US debut of Hong Kong’s horror directortwins, Danny and Oxide Pang – and lost Jess to her pal Kristen, but was compensated with the role of Lita Ford as murder invaded a North Dakota sunflower farm. (You heard!).
  2. Brittany Snow, Prom Night,2007.  Long Beach’s “Pouty Scouty”  was up for  Donna Keppel and the best night of her life.  Not.   Ex-combat cameraman Nelson McCormick voted Snow for his directing debut – hitting #1 at the US box-office. Good way to start. Followed  by exec producer-directing such shows as
    Prison Break
  3. Danielle Pannabaker, Friday The 13th, 2008.  Vengeance! The year before, Scout beat Panabaket to Laurie Strode in director Rob Zombie’s Halloween reboot.  Now Panabaker beat Scout to Jenna in a  Friday the 13th reboot – bringing the murder total of Jason Voorhees  since 1980 original to 167.
  4. Kristen Stewart, The Runaways, 2009.     Second time she lost to theTwilight-er. “They really liked me, and were just trying to find out which character fit me”- Joan Jett…
  5. Stellas Maeve, The Runaways, 2009.     …or Sandy West. Instead, she becameLita Ford in the movie about the five girl, jail-bait 70s rock group.Scout was, herself, a runaway at 16.
  6. Lucy Hale, Scream 4, 2010.     Ghostface is back! Scout had cut her teeth on horror auditions -but lost this oneto the Memphis miss from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, no less.
  7. Emma Stone,The Amazing Spider-Man, 2010.


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