Shirley Anne Field

  1. June Ritchie, A Kind of Loving, 1962.    “After Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, I didn’t want to be typed as a North Country actress.” Rather better than the bikinied bimbo she had previously been typed as.
  2. Tania Mallet,, Goldfinger,  1964. 
  3. Susan Strasberg, The High Bright Sun, 1964.    Producer Betty Box and The Rank Organisation were trying to go international. Again. Despite a 50-year career opposite Michael Caine, Daniel Day-Lewis, Albert Finney, Steve McQueen, Laurence Olivier,   etc, Shirley Anne has the   dullest, flatest voice in British screen history –   no camber to the timbre. 

 Birth year: Death year: Other name: Casting Calls:  3