Shirley Knight

  1. Diane McBain, Claudelle Inglish, 1960. The title seems written by an illiterate…   Claudelle was   rejected by Ann Francis – despite head bro Jack Warner saying he would personally make it worth her while financially.  (From his own pocket?) But she disliked the tawdry script  and Diane reported that it   became  a toss up between her and her Ice Palace co-star, Shirley Knight. A rape victim in 1982, Diane later worked as a rape counselor.

  2. Jane Fonda, They Shoot Horses Don’t They, 1969.   James Poe  won an Oscar nomination  for the script.  So what! His dream had always been to direct it. With Allen Jenkins, Shirley Knight, Lionel Stander and Barbara Steele (Mrs Poe)  in the roles awarded  by helmer Sydney Pollack to Red Buttons, Jane Fonda, Gig Young. Susannah York. 

 Birth year: 1936Death year: 2020Other name: Casting Calls:  2