Sir Harry Secombe

  1. Dick Emery, The Case of the Mukkinese Battlehorn, 1956. From little acorns… The first film produced by Michael Deeley was inspired by by the genial absurdity of BBC radio’s Goon Show. While he could afford two goons, Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan at £900 each, the third proved too pricey – given his burgeoning fame as an operatic tenor. Deeley went on to make Sandy The Reluctant Nudist Girl, The Italian Job, Don’t Look Now, Blade Runner and on April 9, 1979, John Wayne presented him with the Oscar for producing (no matter what director Michael Cimino claims) his 18th film, The Deer Hunter.
  2. Sidney James,  Carry on Henry VII, 1970.  Or Anne of the Thousand Lays, as the ex-Goon called it while in talks to succeed Carry on regular Sid James, otherwise occupied on stage.  But with a bound, Sid was free…  Future pop singer David Essex was not so lucky. His bit as a Speaker’s Corner debater never made The Final Cut. 

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