Stephanie Powers

  1. Carol D’Andria, West Side Story,  1961.     Most successful  of the Jets’ dancers was called Taffy Paul when Jerome Robbins dropped her from the chorus for being under-age. That meant restricted shooting hours and a tutor on-set – money! “Carol later married Robert Morse and I did a film with him,”  said Stephanie
  2. Lindsay Wagner, The Bionic Woman, TV, 1976-1978.      It was for Stephanie or Sally Field before Universal decided to have Wagner finish her contract with the role – in a Six Million Dollar Man episode. It proved so successful she was still on the U payroll for two more years… of forever playing with her hair. When the series closed, Powers was selected over Wagner as the wife of Robert Wagner (no kin) in the stylish and longer trunning Hart to Hart, 1979-1984. .


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