Susan Ward


  1. Robyn Griggs,  Another World, TV, 1993-1995.      Susan became good friends with Charisma Carpenter after they both  lost the role of Maggie Cory. And  co-starred later in Aaron Spelling’s short-lived soap, Malibu Shores, TV, 1996.
  2. Meredith Monroe, Dawson’s Creek, 1998-2000.      The off-Broadway Annie at age 13, auditioned for Andie McPhee… who  was written out (to Italy) in  Season Four.
  3. Rose McGowan,  Charmed, TV, 2001-2006.     After auditions by the many, exec producer Aaron Spelling decided that Shannen Doherty’s replacement would be Rose as Phoebe, Piper and Pru’s half-sister (long lost, of course) Paige.  And not the girl from his daytime  soap, Sunset Beach, 1997-1999. Rose McGowan was the first actress to blow the whistle on producer Harvey Weinstein as a serial rapist – and, indeed, on Hollywood’s everlasting rape culture.

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