Ted Levine

  1. Kevin Gage, Heat, 1995.  “No, no, you’re typecasting me, Michael – let me be this other giuy. I’d like to be Bosko.”  And auteur Michael Mann agreed. Levine Biskoed and Gage became Waingro after three months of intensive auditioning.  When Gage was  jailed for 41 months in 2003 for growing medicinal weed, both inmates and guards called him Waingro.
  2. Will Smith, I Am Legend, 2006.    “The last man on Earth is not alone”… Awaiting a re-hash ever since since Charlton Hestoned it as The Ωmega Man in 1970, Warner Bros wanted Ridley Scott directing Arnold Schwarzenegger  as Robert Neville, Other incantations were devised over the years for Nicolas Cage (with X-Files director Rob Bowman), Tom Cruise, Daniel Day-Lews, Michael Douglas,  even Arnold Schwarzenegger. The inevitable outsider was Ted Levine and poor Kurt Russell lost out  after the 1998 flop of his Soldier. Smith  had first considered making it with director Michael Bay in 2002. They gave it up for… Bad Boys II. D’oh!1.

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