Terry Scott

  1. Leslie Phillips, Carry On Columbus,1992.  The 31st t  and final Carry On tried various duos for the King and Queen of Spain. From Frankie Howerd-Joan Sims and Bernard Bresslaw-Barbara Windsor to the almost incestuous notion of the Terry and June sitcom “sibliings,” Terry Scott-June Whitfield.  And, finally, June and Leslie Phillips (the most English of Spanish monarchs). Howerd died before filming began and Windsor  – the Carry Ons’ Marilyn – said the script was crap. It was – all the cast hated it. In 2004, this was was voted – by UK film pros – as the worst British film ever made. Yet it made more money in Britain than the straight versions: 1492: The Conquest iof Paradiseand Christopher Columbus: The Discovery, 1992, starring such heavyweights as Depardieu and Brando! 

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