Tia Carrere

  1. Melanie Griffith,  Working Girl,  1988.     Carrere (you say: Kuh-rare-uh, not Car-rare like Christime Carère) was seen but not hired for Tess. A decision, the suits came to regret as Melanie was fighting alcohol/cocaine addiction. She’d often stay up dancing until 4:30am and consequently ruined one sequence with Alec Baldwin and Joan Cusack  – resulting in a fine of $75,000.  Within a month she was in reab in Minnesota. Successfully.

  2. Ming-Na Wen, Mulan, 1998.   The Hawaiian Carrere was first choice but Chinese-American Ming-Na Wen won Mulan – only the second Disney princess in trousers, after Jasmine in Aladdin, 1991. The songs of both characters were sung by the same Manila-born Tony and Olivier award-winning stage star of Saigon, Lea Salonga.   Disney later invited Carrere back to voice Lilo’s older sister, Nani, in the first adventures of Lilo & Stitch, 2001.

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