Tina Aumont

  1. Anjanette Comer, The Appaloosa  (UK: Southwest To Sonora), 1966.  Trying to surround himself with allies, Brando had tried to insist on co-starring the wife of  his Paris lover,  Christian Marquand.
  2. Trish Van Devere, The Last Run, 1971.   George C Scott clashed with director John Huston over re-writes and Tina – “far too young for me.”  Huston quit. And Scott’s fifth wife-to-be got the role in a film already featuring Scott’s third (and indeed, fourth) wife, Colleen Dewhurst.  Scott also had  Dominique Sanda fired from The Fortune, 1975 –  obviously not an actor who relished real accents.
  3. Stefania Cassini, 1900, Italy, 1976.  First announced with four of Bertolucci’s previous female stars – two signed on. Aumont, apparently, refused a typically Bertolucci-scandal sequence: a nude tart sharing her bed with naked De Niro and Depardieu and fondling their limp offerings.
  4. Jessica Harper, Suspiria, Italy, 1977. “The Only Thing More Terrifying Than The Last 12 Minutes Of This Film Are The First 92.” And the fact that horror-director Dario Argento’s first choice was committed elsewhere.


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