Tom Tryon

  1. John Gavin, Psycho, 1959.  Alfred Hitchcock’s potential TV-style heroes for the November  30,  1959 start of the low budget, “TV-style” Paramount movie No. 9401 also included Tryon, Brian Keith, Robert Loggia, Leslie Nielsen, Cliff Robertson, Rod Taylor, Stuart Whitman. Gavin won because, as  a Universal contractee, he was… the cheapest. Disappointed with him, Hitch called Gavin ”The Stiff.”Hardly news as he had made two Alfred Hitchcock Hourepisodes: Run For Doom, 1963, and Off Season, 1965.Hitch kept Rod Taylor for his next one: The Birds. “As always,” laughed Rod, “I thought: What the fuck am I doing here?”
  2. Chuck Connors, Move Over Darling, 1962.     Tyron was to be the man stranded on a desert isle with Marilyn before she was fired, died and Something’s Gotta Give went lite with Doris Day.
  3. Stuart Whitman, The Comancheros, 1961.    Paul Wellman wrote his 1952  Western novel for Cary Grant to eventually play gambling; man Paul Regret. – the star role until Gary Cooper, then John Wayne clambered aboard nine years later. He was The Boss, beefing up Big Jake Cutter (leading to   Big Jake McCandles ten years later) and finding roles for his kids, Aissa and Patrick.   By which time Grant was too old  (Wayne was too old!!) and certainly would never serve under Duke.  And, yes, I have to say it (better than me singing it)…  Regrets, I have a few, too few not to mention… Steve Forrest, James Garner, John Gavin, Charlton Heston, Burt Lancaster, Tom Tyron, Robert Wagner, Cornel Wilde and ultimately, Stuart Whitman.  Marlon Brando had been keen on the support role of  an Indian chief called Graile.
  4. Keir Dullea, Bunny Lake Is Missing, 1965.     Never happy in movies (certainly those made by the, er, over-bearing  producer-director Otto Preminger), he quit and  became a novelist.


 Birth year: 1926Death year: 1991Other name: Casting Calls:  4