Trey Wilson

  1. Albert Finney, Miller’s Crossing, 1990.    The Coen brothers meet 30s/40s, gangster noir.  Joel and Ethan’s 1988 draft had put Wilson, James Gammon, Ian Holm, Richard Jenkins, John Mahoney in the gang boss mix. Having been Nathan Arizona Sr in the Coens’ previous film,  Raising Arizona, 1986, Wilson won but died from a cerebral hemorrhage at age 40 before production began. Donald Yearnsley Wilson III, the Houston actor (a memorable  Jimmy Hoffa in TV’s  Robert Kennedy and His Times, 1985) took his name from Rock Hudson’s character in Anthony Mann’s  Bend of the River, 1948. Both Miss Firecracker, 1988, and Silence of the Lambs, 1989, were dedicated to Wilson.

 Birth year: 1948Death year: 1989Other name: Casting Calls:  1