Ursula Thiess

  1. Sally Forrest, Son of Sinbad, 1953.   About to become Mrs Robert Taylor (finally dating someone prettier than he was, said the media), Hamburg’s Thiess was in the original mix for the RKO production in… Superscope.
  2. Jean Willes, The King and Four Queens, 1955.      The King was Clark Gable – who else! Among his queens he wanted his friend Robert Taylor’s German wife, but Thiess wanted more time with her new family…
  3. Mel Ferrer, Fraulein, 1957.      According to the LA Times in June 1956, Ernest Borgnine and Thiess were due for Berlin, Cologne and Munich locations as the GI and the woman (a Nazi’s fiancee) who saved his life during WWII. They became a very different couple:  Ferrer and South African Dana Wynter. Thiess was Mrs Robert Taylor from 1954 until his 1969 death.

 Birth year: 1924Death year: 2010Other name: Casting Calls:  3