1. Apollonia, Purple Rain, 1983.        Rather than a much headline lover’s tiff with Prince, it was a Martin Scorsese offer to play Mary Magdalene in The Last Temptation of Christ prompting Vanity to quit Prince’s classic just days before shooting started. A typical Hollywood story, said director Albert Magnoli; all the more so when Temptation was delayed by money hassles. And so Patricia Kotero became the latest Prince protégé, re-named Apollonia after Michael Corleone’s first wife’ in The Godfather. “She saved the day, ” said keyboardist Lisa Coleman. “But she was not a singer. She did the best she could. I doubled her vocals on Take Me With U.” The stunning Vanity died two months before Prince in 2016 – from after a succession of drug-fuelled health issues. She as told she had three days to live – in 1992.

 Birth year: 1959Death year: 2016Other name: Denise MatthewsCasting Calls:  1