Verree Teasdale

  1. Betty Lawford, Gallant Lady, 1932.   Spokane’s stage-trained Verree (Peter Lawford’s cousin) replaced Adolphe Menjou’s future wife as The Complication Device in the turgid  weepie about the adopted baby of unwed mother Ann Harding.  He’s  called Deedy.  Honest!
  2. Vivienne Osborne, Wives Never Know, 1935.    Ill-health prevented Teasdale from playing Renée La Journée. Illnessses would cost her many a top role  not her’s, but those of her second (1935-1963) husband, Adolphe Menjou.
  3. Genevieve Tobin, The Petrified Forest, 1935.  Humphrey Bogart replacing Edward G Robinson was bigger news than  Tobin replacing Teasdale for Mrs. Chisholm in the film that made Bogie a star. All becausee his co-star from the play, Leslie Howard, fought for him.  His cable to Head bro; Jack Warner rread: . “Insist Bogart play Mantee; no Bogart, no deal.”
  4. Binnie Barnes, The Adventures of Marco Polo,1937.    Directed by committee… John Cromwell worked on it for five days, William Wyler for another one  or two and finally   Archie Mayo helmed  it  – er, but with help from John Ford! 

 Birth year: 1904Death year: 1987Other name: Casting Calls:  4