Victoria Abril


  1. Veronica Forque,  ¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto!!/What Have I Done To Deserve This, Spain 1984. “Victoria’s an excellent actress,”  said writer-director Pedro Almodovar about  his fourth  film, “but completely self-taught which sometimes means she thinks she knows more than the director.” Later, she was  “banging her head against the wall for having been so stupid.”  So,  no hesitation about his 90s offers, Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down and High Heels.
  2. Valerie Kaprisky, La Gitane, France, 1985. Realisateur Philippe De Broca  wanted the Spanish star “because she’s funny.” His producers were not laughing.
  3. Ana Belen, Turkish Passion, Spain, 1995. With his favourite actress in Hollywood, director Vicente Aranda’s “Iberian Emmanuelle in Istanbul” became older, even matronly.
  4. Roma Maffia, Disclosure, 1995. Impressed by their Hollywood venture, Jimmy Hollywood, director Barry Levinson wanted Victoria as a Hispanic attorney in the sexual harassment case.
  5. Rosie Perez, Perdita Durango, Mexico-USA-Spain, 1996. The third face of Perdita – created by Isabella Rossellini in Wild At Heart, 1990.  Madonna quit this Bigas Luna version, Abril took over and quit when Luna left and, finally, Perez arrived.



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