Yan Babilee

  1. Jean-Hugues Anglade, 37°2 le matin (Betty Blue), France-Italy, 1985.      Short-listed because he spoke English.  But the role of  Zorg – opposite the titular Béatrice Dalle – required rather more than that.  Like Frédéric Andréi in his Diva, J-HA resembled a kid brother of realisateur Jean-Jacques Beineix. Maybe that’s why La lune dans le caniveau flopped in 1983 – Depardieu didn’t resemble J-JB at all.
  2. Xavier Deluc, Captive, 1985.    French casting marvel-in-the-making  Dominique Besnehard was working on two films consecutively. Which is how Jean-Hugues Anglade beat Babilée and Deluc to  37°2 le matin… and Deluc won Captive. Poor Babilée lost both. He  remained in support roles  for the rest of his career.

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