Yorick Van Wageningen

  1. Colin Farrell, Minority Report, 2001.     Alas, poor Yorick… (Now what else was I gonna say!) The Dutch actor (the stand out Joost from The Way, 2012)was selected by Steven Spielberg to take over Danny Witwer from his 1999 choice of Matt Damon – but work permits were delayed. Lousiest reason of all for losing a Spielberg movie.  Farrell inherited his role and the two guys worked together in Terrence Malik’s The New World, 2004. Minoritywas author Philip K Dick’s sequel to Total Recall– in 2011 Farrell starred in the re-make of the 1989 Arnold Schwarzenegger version.  The reason Javier Bardem passed on Witwer  was simple.  “I didn’t want to just run around chasing Tom Cruise.” 

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