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"If you made only the films you liked, you'd only work once every five years."
Paul Newman

"All the roles I refused were unnecessarily vulgar."
Ginger Rogers (Oh really like… Annie Get Your Gun, Ball of Fire, King Kong (the first), Mary of Scotland, Now Voyager, South Pacific?)

"The principal benefit acting has afforded me is the money to pay for my psychoanalysis."
Marlon Brando

"If it's a sonuvabitch, give it to Bogart."
Director Vincent Sherman

"If I had stayed in Hollywood, I would have killed myself. Or someone would have done it for me."
Piper Laurie

"You don't make TV shows for fun - you make them for money."
Lee Marvin

"If you think I made poor pictures after A Woman's Face, you should see the ones I went on suspension not to make!"
Joan Crawford

"I turned down 300 roles. I didn't turn down every film. Just the most important ones."
Oskar Werner
(I've only found two of 'em!).

"Acting is like masturbation. One either does it or one doesn't, but one never talks about it." *
Eric Portman (*Except Ernest Borgnine and Gloria Stuart).

"I was a great casting director - forever suggesting other people instead of me."
Alexandra Stewart.  She turned down Honey in Dr No.

"Stardom? Your name becomes a brand image like a product. You become Campbell's soup, with 31 different varieties of roles you can play."
Jack Nicholson.

"My films are summed up in circus, spaghetti, sex and cinema."
Federico Fellini

"A big fat lady came up to me and asked, 'How do you get into the movies?' 'Take off your clothes,' I told her. 'But what about acting school, shouldn't you go to acting school first?' she asked. 'No, no, no! You just take off your clothes.'"
Viva, the Andy Warhol superstar who did just that.



There are 7,000 actors detailed on the CCC website. Some have missed a single film, Others, many more. Then, there are the champions. Here's the top few… Brando has finally hits 150 misses with the late addition of Taxi Driver - which has lately joined the Special Movies pages. So has the (bad) Casino Royale.

1. Brando - 150 bypassed movies.
2. Nicholson - 136 
3. Cary Grant -132 
4. Paul Newman - 111 
5. Robert De Niro - 110 
6. Dustin Hoffman - 108
7. Tom Cruise - 101

Highest Brit is still Sir Sean with 90.
Highest lady Bette Davis, 78 items; Liz Taylor 67; Katharine Hepburn,62; Julie Christie, 61; Meryl Streep, 60; Jodie Foster, 59; Jane Fonda, 57; Madonna, Julia Roberts, 55.
Newer Brigade: Aishwarya Rai, Natalie Portman, 41; Lindsay Lohan (!), 39; Ralph Fiennes, 36; Drew Barrymore, Matt Damon, Robert Downey, Ewan McGregor, 30; Gwyneth Paltrow, 29; Scarlett Johansson, 28; Jessica Biel, Olivia Wilde, 27; three great Brits Christian Bale, Eva Green, Keira Knightley at 26; Jake Gyllenhaal, 25; Amy Adams, Ben Affleck, Mathew McConaughey, 23; Rachel Weisz, 22; Charlize Theron, 21; and Halle Berry, Michael Fassbender, James Franco are on 20.

(You'll find the full list at Champions in the Main Menu)



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WELCOME to a unique directory of what you never saw on-screen. The films the stars did not make. The movies that never were.
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Sellers as Major Kong
"What's the role?" said Peter Sellers. "All of them!" said Stanley Kubrick. Peter The Great settled for four. Dr Strangelove, of course, the US President and the RAF officer. And then, not wanting to be a freak show, he - er - injured his ankle and could not be USAF Major 'King' Kong riding the H-bomb.

All the Moriarty's Men
'Twas  Robert De Niro and Michael Moriarty for "Woodstein"  before Hoffman and Redford brought Nixon down.

Shirley Temple in Little Women
After lavish tests, producer David O Selznick couldn't decide if Shirley Temple was right for Meg in 1949's Little Women. So he sold out the whole deal to MGM - which preferred Janet Leigh to Shirley.

Selleck as Indiana Jones
What Tom Selleck's Indiana Jones would have looked like - from his 158th Magnum episode called ... Legend of the Lost Art, in 1988. An Indy parody complete with hat, whip, booby traps and a McGuffin that everyone was after.

Raquel Welch - Fantastic Voyage
Suddenly, Raquel Welch had erupted! And everyone wanted a piece of her. But she was under contract to Fox and the studio was not about to let her dally with Bond in Thunderball when Fox had it’s own kinda-Bond on hand: James Coburn as their man Flint. She didn’t join either spy, although in her Fantastic Voyage duds here, she looked hot to trot - or scuba - as Domino.

Finney as Lawrence
Albert of Arabia. When Brando said no, Albert Finney said Maybe. And shot a four-day, test as TE Lawrence (costing £100,000). Everyone said: Yes! Albie said: No, thank you.



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Meryl v Italian producer Dino de Laurentiis. Read all about it – in her first tale.  

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