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Just Jack Nicholson

There are more than 8,000 actors detailed on this site. Some have passed a single movie. Others, many more. Then, there are the champs… Since launching CCC in 2008, Marlon Brando always topped this list. And year by year, discovery by discovery, Jack Nicholson, has been catching up. Well, he’s done it…!
He was always second to Brando’s total of 164 bypassed films. Until I unearthed four new passes - but only two for Marlon. But as I devour more books, columns and mails (thank you, fans!) etc, the count goes on.

1.Nicholson by-passed 168 films
2. Brando - 166
3. Cary Grant -147
3. Paul Newman - 147
5. Tom Cruise - 110

Highest Brit Sir Sean at 114.
Highest lady is Bette Davis, 90 items; Jodie Foster, 80;  Michelle Pfeiffer, 72; Meryl Streep, 70; Nicole Kidman, 69; Julie Christie and Liz Taylor are level at 67; Katharine Hepburn, 66; Debra Winger, 65.
Newer Brigade: Brad, 107; Johnny, 99; Julia, 64; Leo, 64; Jim Carrey, 62; Madonna, 61; Jennifer Aniston, 27; Jennifer Lawrence, 23.

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He said title

"I will always go back to the Old West and and swag out. I love Westerns too much and literally cannot leave them alone." - Jeymes Samuel, wiz director of The Harder They Fall.

"Now I’ve at least tried out what it’s like to shoot a Marvel movie. But I don’t think I need that experience a second time." - Bill Murray on his Ant-Man gig.

"The longer my beard is, the longer I’ve been out of work." - The White Lotus star Steve Zahn

"I make my films with 18 good friends." - Ingmar Bergman. "That’s Interesting," said David Lean. "I make mine with 150 enemies."

"Casting seems to me like a totally unnatural and absurd practice. Cineastes should imagine their films for the persons they want to film the most - usually, their lover, plus one. There should only be one person imaginable for a part." - Leos Carax, Best Director winner at Cannes 2021.

"Making movies, to me, is so much fun that I don’t think I could do anything else in life." - Bill Butler at 100, cinematographer of 84 films – like The Conversation, Grease, Jaws, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, three Rocky sequels,

"In general, when people have sex, they take their clothes off so I’m stunned by the fact that we don’t want to look at the reality of life. Why this puritanism has been introduced is, in my opinion, wrong." Paul Verhoeven answering critics of his Cannes film, Benedetta.


"Of all my characters, Cliff Booth [Brad Pitt] has ripened most. People really just end up being really fascinated with him. Two years later… people still bring him up and talk about him. He seems to have a shelf life that resonates the more time passes… Even Cliff doesn’t know how many people he’s killed." - Tarantino on his film (and book) Once Upon A Time… in Hollywood.

"Kissing scenes, huge challenges for me. Love scenes? I hate ‘em. I hate ’em, I hate ’em, I hate ’em." Tenet’s John David Washington

"Star Wars is definitely sticky because if you make a certain brand of nerd happy, you’re actually middle-fingering an adjacent breed of nerd. If you take it too seriously, you’re doing it wrong. If you don’t take it seriously enough, you’re definitely doing it wrong. It needs that total joy of the greatest franchise ever, along with a kind of swagger." - Rick and Morty creator Don Harmon.

"There are things that I love about JM Barrie’s novel that I had to leave out of my screenplay because I couldn’t do them better than Steven Spielberg did." - David Lowery, director of Peter Pan & Wendy

"I called up whoever it was and said: There’s only one man in this business who should come in, whack Jimmy, and ride off with Edie, and I am that man. They were like: Sure, great. We’ll add your name to the list of all the Irish actors who think that they should be on The Sopranos." - Alec Baldwin.

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WELCOME to a unique directory of what you never saw on-screen. The films the stars did not make. The movies that never were. The most definitive collation of casting stories ... Check up on all the films - of yesterday, today and tomorrow - that your favourite stars never made... A cast of thousands - 8,063 actors - to click on... More than 40 years in the making!! And 2,749,022 words of spirited text. The ultimate in movie trivia ... Better! Exactly the kind of history that Hollywood deserves. Back to front. Upside-down. Inside out. Full of flashbacks, close-ups, tracking shots (and, alas some badly edited sequences - sorry about that!) forming a fascinating, new and often bizarre flip-side perspective on your treasured movies and stars.

This is the film that bred this site ... after Robert Redford told me he'd planned a little black-white version - with Robert De Niro, and Michael Moriarty as Woodstein.


Gloria Paul, the British gift to Italian movies was among the final few testing as Thunderball’s Domino in 1964. She previously auditioned for Tatiana in From Russia With Love - won in 1963 by a genuine Italian, Daniela Bianchi. Gloria retired in 1996 after a freak accident left her semi-paralysed.

Who's that Lily James


Clue: you used to see her in a red swimsuit on a sunny beach. Right, it’s CJ, aka Pamela Anderson from Baywatch.… Except it isn’t. This is Downton Abbey Does Malibu… as the usually demure Lily James plays Pammy in the TV mini-series, Pam and Tommy, about Pamela Anderson’s first marriage (of five) to the Motley Crew drummer, Tommy Lee. And that leaked sex-tape.

She said title

"Never let anyone stand in the way of your dreams. If someone says you can't, you say: Watch me. If someone says: 'That’s going to be hard,' you say: 'I know but I’m a woman, I’m used to that.'" - Halle Berry on her directing debut, Bruised

"The most controversial thing I have ever done is to stick around" - Madonna

"Oh, you must put your flesh and blood and everything into it. I love it when it’s true. And I hate when I feel it isn’t." Lea Seydoux on acting

"I love old people but I don't like getting old." – Ursula Andress

"This is not a bad day. I'm taking my clothes off for Jason Statham. I'll be OK today." - body double actress Laura Grady on doubling Amy Stuart in Crank. "“I remember getting the call for Crank 2. Amy requested me. But I was pregnant. You can't be a pregnant body-double. It's a liability."

"I’ve been working with this nose, which I’m never going to change. My nose is going to stay there forever. I like it. It has a lot of personality." - Sophia Loren on no plastics.

"I don’t actually know where the Oscar is at the moment. I think it’s possibly in my son’s bedroom. But it was on the back of the toilet for a long time, yes." - Kate Winslet

"You get to be somebody else, and in different places; you get to really see the world through a different lens. It’s almost like having multiple lives in one lifespan." - Radha Mitchell on acting

"Sometimes they think I’m Lorraine Bracco, or Laura San Giacomo or Marisa Tomei. I’m sure it happens to them all the time, too." – Annabella Sciorra on being stopped on the street.

"Great ideas are not low-hanging fruit. I’m like one of those pigs that searches for truffles." - Julia Louis-Dreyfus

"I turned down more roles than I accepted... and to be honest, the ones I accepted were often for all the wrong reasons." - Ava Gardner (48 examples on her page).

"I'm just going to do documentaries from now on. They’re far easier. No hair and make-up." - Helena Bonham Carter

"I want to do something absolutely stupid and silly, like, you know, The Avengers or whatever. Something where I got to have a giggle with mates." - Emilia Clarke

"Death will be a great relief. No more interviews." - Katharine Hepburn.

"When I read it, I didn't get it - I thought it was a typo somehow. I kept looking at it. It was the one thing in the script that I was looking at going: 'Is that right? Can that be right? How is that right?' I thought: 'Is there a better way to say that? Am I not getting it?' I just don't know how to do it." - Renée Zellweger, on her famous Jerry Maguire line: "You had me at 'Hello'…"

"I used to teach English… I was terrible. I had all the 17-year-olds, completely high on pot, so no one would ever answer any of my questions. It was like 40 red-eyed rabbits just staring at me." – Call My Agent and Stillwater star, Camille Cottin.


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