Payday Loans
Famke Janssen


  1. Terry Farrell, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, TV, 1993-1997.    The role of (what became) Jadzia Dax was initially created for the Dutch girl -except she preferred to hang loose for possible moves.
  2. Elle McPherson, The Bookworm, 1997.    A Bond Girl makes good...
  3. Carrie-Anne Moss, Memento, 1999.    Director Christopher Nolan got stuck in the J pages when trying to locate the best Natalie: Janssen, AngelinaJolie, Ashley Judd.He then whetted his thumb and flicked to M...
  4. Natasha Henstridge,  Ghosts of Mars, 2001.     John Carpenter talked to Famke, Franka Potente, Michelle Yeoh when Courtney Love quit his planet. Henstridge, the statuesque Species predator, was suggested by Liam Waite, the father of her two sons, who just happened to be  playing Descanso.  
  5. Lara Flynn Boyle, Men in Black II, 2001.    Janssen was playing the svelte alien, Serleena,  when she has to leave the sequel due to a death in her family.  Her possible replacements included Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Yeadley Smith.  Man in Black Jay (Will Smith) had co-starred with Boyle in Where The Day Takes You, 1991. Serleena, by tghe way, was  a shapeshifting Kylothian who had taken the form of a lingerie model.  Honest.
  6. Melora Walters, WiseGirls, 2002.      “I would rather not work than play in a movie that nobody watches."
  7. Kristanna Loken, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, 2003.    Famke should really discussimage with her agent.Aftertrying for the Amazonian Terminatrix hunting down Arnold Schwarzenegger, she was atransexual in Nip/Tuck, TV, 2004.
  8. Charlize Thereon, Aeon Flux, 2005.Didn’t want to know about bringing lifeto theMTV animation heroine.
  9. Anna Friel, Bathory, Slovakia, UK-Hungary, 2008.      She suddenly backed out of playing history’sworst female serial killer, Countess Erzsébet Bathory (bathing invirgins’ blood to stay young). UK star Friel got her baby-sitter to help write a letter in Slovak to director Juraj Jakubisko to convince him that she perfect for his new take on (exonerating) then Bathory legend. And she nearly was.
  10. Carice van Houten, Black Death, 2009.      After Lena Headey left the project, Janssen was in the frame until UK director Christopher Smith fell for the Dutch star of Black Book and Black Butterflies...!
  11. Morena Baccarin, V, TV, 2009-10.   She played a sexytransexual inTV’s Nip/Tuck but refused the sexy alien invader taking over the world...







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