Payday Loans
Marian Marsh (1913-2006)

  1. Jean Harlow, Hell's Angels, 1930.    "We have have to convert it into a talkie," stipulated Howard Hughes.  Therefore, Greta Nissen's heavy Norwegian accent  had to be replaced by... well, Hughes saw (and heard) every starlet in the world's most envied little black book:  Thelma Todd, Carole Lombard... and the delicate  Marian, who was compensated with a smaller role in the flying epic. 
  2. Joan Blondell,  Blonde Crazy, 1930.     The  Second Lombard was always on the verge of stardom. Then, she quit Warners at age 19 for Columbia, foreign or B movies. She acted simply for the money, until marrying a businessman and retiring at 30. James Cagney knew Blondell  better: they arrived in Hollywood  for Sinner's Holiday in 1930, first of seven films together.


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