Payday Loans
Gavin MacLeod (1931-2021)


  1. Edward Asner, Mary Tyler Moore, TV, 1970-77.  MacLeod auditioned for Lou Grant, Mary Tyler Moore’s boss at  WJM-TV, Minneapolis, and lost it despite Asner’s  terrible (first) reading. MacLeod lasted the celebrated series’ eight years (29 Emmies!) as the long-suffering news writer Murray Slaughter.
  2. Carroll O’Connpr, All in the Family, TV, 1971-1979.   He was greatly relieved when O’Connor became Archie Bunker in  the US re-make of the BBC’s  abrasive ill Death Us Do Part, 1966-1975. “This is not the script for me,” MacLeod recalled in his memoir. “The character is too much of a bigot. I can’t say these things.”  Instead, he went sailing as  the patrician skipper of The Love  Boat, for ten  years from  1977

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