Payday Loans
Pierre Clementi (1942-1999)

1. - Denis Manuel, Le Deuxieme Souffle, France, 1966. Thriller director Jean-Pierre Melville booked him in 1964, before the project passed to realisateur Denys de La Patelliere - who also wanted him as Antoine.  “No,” said Clementi, “I was supposed to act in Monsieur Melville's film and I don't want to be in yours.”  Much impressed, Melville called him back for  the '66 classic - “but he was not available.”

2. - Hiram Keller, Fellini Satyricon, Italy, 1969. Fellini’s opening ideas included such names as Gert Forbe, Van Heflin, Boris Karloff, Terence Stamp - and Clementi for Ascilto. Keller was one of the Hair -today-gone-tmorrow finds.

3. - Dean Stockwell, Dune, 1984.


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