Payday Loans
Bill Travers (1922-1994)

  1. Stephen Boyd, Ben-Hur, 1958.     For Messala  in  the MGMighty $5m epic re-make, director William Wyler (of the original’s 1924 crew) first thought of Charlton Heston, the star of his previous movie, The Big Countr. (He went on to win the title role, of course).  Wyler then tested Danton, Leslie Nielsen and two Brits: Ronald Lewis and Bill Travers… saw Steve Cochran and Victor Mature… and Robert Ryan, when Burt Lancaster was to be Judah Ben-Hur.
  2. Nigel Davenport, Living Free, 1971.   Naturally Travers and his wife, Virginia McKenna, were asked to reprise the real wildlife conservationists Joy and George Adamson in the sequel to their huge 1965 Born Free hit. They preferred being themselves, alongside Adamson in An Elephant Called Slowly for the same director, James Hill. Davenport and Susan Hampshire took over opposite two Born Free survivors, Geoffrey Keen and Peter Lukoe.

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