Payday Loans
Dick Foran (1910-1979)

  1. Alan Hale, Valley of the Giants, 1937.     Warner records reveal both Foran and Allen Jenkins tested for Ox in the conservation thriller way ahead of its time. From singing cowboys to horror subjects and John Wayne movies, Foran did them all - 162 screen roles between 1934-1968.    
  2. James Craig, South To Karanga, 1939.     The B-Western idol (from New Jersey!) was replaced as the adventurer-hero by Craig. He looked like a hero…just didn’t always sound like one. MGM only took him, on because he resembled Clark Gable - far away in WWII.
  3. Lon Chaney Jr, The Wolf Man, 1940.      Universal planned Larry Talbot – the wolf-afflicted character - for their top horror, Boris Karloff. Bela Lugosi tried to get the rôle. Instead, it was given to Foran - a B-cowpoke. Then, Junior Chaney was noticed on the lot… His make-up took six hours to put on and three hours to take off. There’s another day gone! Foran later partnered Junior Lon in the first of his three bandage numbers, The Mummy’s Tomb, the following year.
  4. James Brown, Corvette K-225, 1942.  Or Corvettes in Action when director Howard Hawks’ early casting suggestions included Foran, Jon Hall or Robert Stack for Lieutenant Paul Cartwright – and joining such notables as Evelyn Ankers, Nigel Bruce, Dick Foran and Patric Knowles.

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