Payday Loans
Nonso Anozie

  1. Ian McKellen, The Golden Compass, 2006.  Apparently, the New Line suits wanted Ian (and Christopher Lee… for just one line!) in the film to help repeat the triumph of their Lord of the Rings.  But Chris Weitz was not Peter Jackson, and more jnfluenced by Star Wars IV and Barry Lyndon and less by Tolkien.  Being told to drop Nonso as Iorek Byrnison’s voice was a dark day for the writer-director. "A studio decision,” he told Empire magazine. “You would cast Sir Ian McKellen for anything, but letting go of Nonso was one of the most painful experiences on this movie for me.” (Some of Nonso’s work was heard in the trailer). “He is,” added Weitz, “one of the most promising and soulful young actors I have encountered in England.. I kinda wanna go out of my way to point out how much I love Nonso's work, and that's that.

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