Payday Loans
Edward Van Halen

  1. George Carlin,   Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, 1988.  Shooting had moved from Arizona to Italy, but no one ahd been founds to be Rufus, mentor of the time-travelling duo. “We reached out to all sorts of people...  but we were a movie that was not on anybody's radar,” director Stephen Herek told Hollywood Reporter in 2019. “We wanted Eddie to be involved in some way, because we're constantly talking about Van Halen in the movie, and then we say, ‘Well, why not Rufus?’ With the whole rock motif, we were trying to find people that had some acting experience, or their cachet at the time was large enough to take the chance that they wouldn't be totally stiff. We went through 20-25 people - Ringo Starr included, probably Roger Daltrey.” Van Halen always maintained  no one ever asked him...

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