Payday Loans
Jerry Kelly

  1. Tom Hanks, Philadelphia, 1993.   Jonathan Demme’s  brave film was about a lawyer suing for loss of job because he had AIDS.  When Daniel Day-Lewis skipped to make The Name of the Father and Michael Keaton preferred dying (of cancer) in My Life, Demme called on William Baldwin, Andy Garcia, Tim Robbins - even gay porn star Jerry Kelly - before Hanks lost 26lbs to be the dying Andrew Beckett… and win the first of his consecutive Best Actor Oscars.  “People are saying I was bold to do this, that it was a courageous choice,” Hanks  told Newsweek. “I don’t see how there’s anything bold about playing as great a guy as Andy Beckett. It’s bold for me to… what? To play a man who goes to sleep in Antonio Banderas’ arms every night? Who has sexual intercourse him somehow? Is that what’s bold.  As a society, we should d be beyond this.”

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