Payday Loans
Lizzo (Melissa Viviane Jefferson )

  1. Melissa McCarthy, The Little Mermaid, 2021. It wasn’t just Ariel that “:everybody” wanted to play. There was also Ursula, the shape-shifting octopus….  Attracting interest - and rejections - for Lady Gaga, Audra McDonald. Plus, of course, the great R&B chanteuse, Lizzo, set her heart on being the wicked sea witch.  She sang Poor Unfortunate Souls on Twitter with white hair, purple make-up and a caption reading: “I’m Ursula. Period,” Harvey Fierstein was the rank outsider. (Hey, Harve, this is a Disney film, not John Waters!)), And Ljndsay Lohan, aiming to be Ariel, suggested Meryl Streep. However  the Mouse Housers voted Melissa  for a second time, after The Kid, 2000.   The Covid 19 pandemic delayed the release until 2023.

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