Payday Loans
Fabian (Fabian Forte)

  1. George Chakiris, West Side Story, 1961.     Demonstrating a total ignorance of cinema, producer Walter Mirisch saw Presley as the New York Romeo... supported   by   Paul Anka, Frankie Avalon and Fabian!   The equally movie-ignorant Colonel Parker might have agreed to Elvis as Tony but not for the studio insisting on the Elvis clone Fabian as Bernardo.
  2. Warren Beatty, The Roman Spring  of  Mrs Stone, 1961.   On the scratch card for Vivien Leigh’s Rome gigolo, Paolo di Leo, in Tennessee Williams’ favourite movie of his work (his sole novel, in fact) were… the Roman looking Fabian, Frankie Avalon (!), John Cassavetes, James Darren, Fabian, Ben Gazzara, George Hamilton, Jeffrey Hunter, and John  Saxon. Oh,  and Anthony Newley - more talented than any of them but rather more Hackney than Italiano. 

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