Payday Loans
Judy Geeson

  1. Helen Mirren, Age of Consent, 1969.    Too much nudity required in this Australian film with James Mason for the kid actress just turning 21. Mirren even thought she’d be body stockinged for the first of her career’s naked scenes. “The only thing you can do wrong when you’re stripped is to look awful... I tried to be cool.” As Judy had two years before for Here We Go Around The Mulberry Bush.
  2. Elaine Taylor, The Games, 1970.    Sally’s big sister was ill.
  3. Susan George, Straw Dogs, 1971.      Dustin Hoffman confessed to making it just for the money but still objected to his (weak) hero having such a nymnphettish wife. Sweet little Sue, however, was made of sterner stuff. She fought Hollywood heavyweight director Sam Peckinpah and bravely said she’d quit rather than agree to his overly explicit portrayal of her rape scene.  Peckinpah gave in and kept his camera on her face, not her body. Cuts by the UK censor then made the (three minute) sequence worse by actually implying sodomy.  (Any video release was banned until… 2002). Geeson, Jacqueline Bisset, Linda Hayden, Judy Huxtable, Hayley Mills, Helen Mirren, Charlotte Rampling, Diana Rigg and Carol White were also in the mix for Amy - the name of George’s future production  company.

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