Payday Loans
William Hopper (1915-1970)

  1. Victor Mature,  Samson and Delilah, 1949.   This would have been The Biggie for gossip hen Hedda Hopper’s son, drowning in a career of nearly 50 lowly film roles. Although he did become Natalie Wood’s father in Rebel Without  A Cause, 1956, which also featured Dennis Hopper (no kin). Back in 1934, the idea had been Henry Wilcoxon - Mark Antony in CB’s 1934 Cleopatra. The other 1949 also-rans included Rory Calhoun, Jim Davis, Errol Flynn, William Hopper (Hedda’s son), John Ireland, Burt Lancaster, Glen Langan, Willard Parker, Steve Reeves, Roberts Ryan and Taylor, Murvyn Vye, Jeff York and even the newest evangelist in town, Dr Billy Graham. Here’s a review by Groucho Marx: “No picture can hold my interest where the leading man's bust is larger than the leading lady's!"
  2. Raymond Burr, Perry Mason, TV, 1957-1966.  When the overweight Burr agreed to shed 60 lbs to be the LA DA Hamilton Burger, he was the perfect Mason.  Also in  the mix for the finest  defence attorney in legal history were Richard Carlson, Richard Egan, William Holden, Fred MacMurray, John Shelton. Plus Hopper, who became Mason’s private eye, Paul Drake – and  William Tallman, who was given Ham Burger (!).  “Wecouldn't afford a big star,” explained producer Gail Patrick Jackson. No shows did in the 50s - they simply made big stars.Such as two other Mason wannabes: Mike Connors (becoming Mannix, 1967-1975) and Efrem Zimbalist Jr (77 Sunset Strip, 1958-1964).Burr continued to play Mason in auto-cued tele-films up to his  death in 1993


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