Alan Reed

  1. Lee J Cobb, Captain From Castille, 1947.     Change  of Juan Garcia in a typical Tyrone Power  swashbuckler.  William Bendix was also in the frame.   And Reed ? Famous later as the voice of Fred Flinstone in The Flintstones, TV, 1960-1966. Yabba Dabba Do!
  2. Henry Calvin, Zorro, TV, 1957-1961.     Reed is the man who invented:  “Yabba dabba doo!!!”  After losing Sergeant Demetrio Lopez Garcia in a money wrangle to Calvin’s 155 kilos, Reed became the voice of Fred in The Flintstones… improvising the signature line.  In 1951, he had been Pancho Villa in Viva Zapata! opposite a certain Marlon Brando. 

 Birth year: 1907Death year: 1977Other name: Casting Calls:  2