Aline MacMahon

  1. Mary Astor, Convention City, 1933.     According to a file in the Warner Bros collection at USC, MacMahon had been first choice for Arlene. The plot joked about everything from rape to bestiality… leading to Hollywood censoring itself with the Production Code. All prints were destroyed on Jack Warner’s orders… in 1995!
  2. Fay Bainter, Make Way for Tomorrow, 1936.  The great comedy director Leo McCarey touches hearts with the tale of the parents who have lived too long, lost everything, and their kids are too busy to really deal with them. Frank Capra, John Ford, Yasujiro Ozu, Jean Renoir and George Bernard Shaw adored the film. Orson Welles it would make a stone cry.  
  3. Luise Rainer,  The Good Earth, 1937.     Doubtful if she ever wanted the lead role – she constantly spurned stardom offers from grateful Warners and  MGM  and  remained the ultimate character actress, holding her own with Dietrich, Garland, Muni,  Edward G Robinson in a 44 year  career.
  4. Katina Paxinou, For Whom The Bell Tolls, 1943.     Short-listed in quite regal company: Flora Robson, Gloia Swanson, Norma Talmadge and the vamps Nazimova and Pola Negri!


 Birth year: 1899Death year: 1991Other name: Casting Calls:  4