Aly Michalka

  1. Emma Stone, The Gangster Squad, 2011.     The green-eyed blonde was among the many damsels aiming to be Grace Faraday in the 40s/50s LAPD v Mafia drama: Camilla Belle, Lily Collins, Maggie Grace, Ashley Greene, Teresa Palmer, Emily Rossum, Amanda Seyfried.
  2. Amanda Walsh, Rebounding, TV, 2012.     Aly, one of The CW’s Hellcats, was next booked by Fox as Taryn. Then, not. No sweat. No series followed this pilot, now forever known as a tele-movie… while her album, with sister AJ Michalka went platinum!
  3. Briga Heelan, Undateable, TV, 2013.      Encore..! This time it was NBC dropping Aly, just days before the pilot started shooting. At short notice, her replacement as the eternally optimistic young waitress in the NBC pilot.was The Secret Life Of The American Teenager co-star, Megan Park. Then, her other pilot, Ground Floor (also being produced by Bill Lawence) went to series at TBS, and she couldn’t stick around. Enter: Briga.
  4. Elizabeth Olsen, Godzilla, 2013.  Aly, Emilia Clarke, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lawrence, Imogen Poots, Margot Robbie, Emmy Rossum were up for Elle Brody ((a nod to Roy Scheider’s Jaws sheriff?) the (somewhat improved) second Hollywood reboot set for releases in the creature’s 60th birthday year of 2014. It led UK director Gareth Edwards to his better third  feature. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, 2015.



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