Amy Poehler


  1. Michelle Monaghan, The Heartbreak Kid,  2007.   Amy and Jason Bateman  were first cast in the hopeleess (and, as usual, unnecessary) rehash of the 1971 Neil Simon script (Jerry Seinfeld’s all-time favourite ciomedy)  with  Cybill Shepherd and Charles Grodin. No contest! Michelle Monaghan and Ben Stiller had the Farrelly brothers directing, not the great Elaine May.
  2. Anna Faris, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, 2008.   Together with Will Arnett, Amy was   first to try and produce and star in a 3-D animation  version of the 80s’ kids’ book  about food falling from the sky like rain. “The first movie,”  enthused Chicgo critic Roger Ebert,  “where the hero dangles above a chasm lined with razor-sharp peanut brittle while holding onto a red liquorice rope held by his girlfriend, who has a peanut allergy, so that when she gets cut by some brittle and goes into anaphylactic shock and her body swells up, she refuses to let go, and so the hero bites through the licorice to save her. You don’t see that every day.
  3. Ashley Jensen,Arthur Christmas, 2010.  Amy was also on the list for Bryony Shelfley, the Scottish Elf (Gift Wrapping Division Grade 3) who joins clumsy Arthur and his  grumpy 136-year-oldGrandsanta on a mission to  solve a major Christmas gift glitch.


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