André Luguet

  1. René Dary, Bifur 3, France, 1944.   Réalisateur Maurice Cam started shooting in the ill-fated 1939. WWII began and filming (and France) collapsed. By the time, the Nazi occupation of France ended in 1944 (many French insist WWII lasted during 1939-1944!!), his leading lady Vernay  had died  at 19, of typhus contracted  aboard  a boat going to America.  Luguet and François Perier’s lead roles were taken tover by Dary and Paul Azaïs – and, with a new blonde look and retroussé nose, Martine Carol  gook over as Germaine..  Ironically, it was André Luguet who had  suggested she should try cinema in 1939.
  2. Mario David, L’Enfer, France, 1994.     Mario was a regular in the movies of New Wave  ikon Claude Chabrol .  On this occasion, Mario was the sole  member of the never completed 1964 version’s team to win a role when Chabrol re-made the Henri-Georges Clouzot scenario.   A French screen treasure, Luguet played 120 roles in 61 years.  Mario’s old role was taken over by Chabrol’s son, Thomas –  one year old in 1964.


 Birth year: 1892Death year: 1972Other name: Casting Calls:  2