Andre Schneider

  1. Tim Fischer, Herr Lemann, Germany, 2003.      The German screen actor (and stand-up from the German, Ireland and UK circuits) went up for Sylvio – which became Fischer’s fourth screen role. In another short part: Christoph Waltz – 23 jobs and five years away from winning his first Oscar in Inglorious Basterds
  2. Kevin McKidd, De-Lovely, 2004.     Narrowly lost Bobby Reed in producer-turned-director  Irwin Winkle’r’s Cole Porter  biopic – played (and piano-played!) Kevin Kline. 
  3. Damian O’Hare, The Broken, 2008.He turned down the role of Anthony in the Hitchcock-Kubrick-Lynch afffair… The German student of Lee Strasberg had become used to being rejected for English-language movies during 2002-07: Die Another Day, Beyond The Sea, De-Lovely – oh and Timecrime… in Spanish.

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