Anita Pallenberg

  1. Marianne Faithful, La Motorcylette/Girl On A Motor Cycle, UK-France, 1968.   Referred to as simply “a German girl” by Jack Cardiff in his biography. “A few days after engaging her, she was rushed to hospital with a drug overdose and I never saw her again.” And one Rolling Stone’s lover was replaced by another Rolling Stone’s lover. Anita was Euro-famous for her German debut, Mord und tostchla/Degree pf Murder,1967, made while she was dating Brian Jones who contributed the score, virtually the only work he produced outside the Stones. She left him for Keith Richard (and Mick Jagger in Performance), becomimng “the sixth Stone,” transforming the stoned ragamuffins into cultural icons. If Anita had hooked up with Elvis, he would have become the biggest, bestest,  badass rock’n’ roll star of all time. instead of the fat slob Colonel Parker made of him.


A most remarkable woman. Always in my heart. – Keith Richards

Anita used to say that we (the two of us) are light years ahead of the Rolling Stones. Witty and probably true!   We had good times and bad times, but I only remember the good times now. She taught me so much, especially after we got clean; it was very good, and so much fun! Farewell my love, go well.- Marianne Faithfull 

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