Ann Turkel

1. – Joanna Cassidy, The Bank Shot, 1974.  When  director John Frankenheimer chose Ann as Richard Harris’ leading lady in 99 and 44/100% Dead, 1974, the Irishman said she was “everything I deplore in a female – too tall, too thin and a brunette.”

2. – Britt Ekland, The Man With The Golden Gun 1974.

3. – Sally Kellerman, Rafferty and The Gold Dust Twins, 1975. She proved the greatest fan of Richard Harris, turned blonde for him, married him (15 years her senior)  in 1976, and they made three more films together… as he started totally ruining her career .

4. –  Pamela Hensley, Rollerball, 1975. Harris kept advising her against films, not much better or worse  than the veritable turkey farm he was making of his own career at the time.  They divorced in 1982.


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