Anna Paquin

  1. Clare Danes, Little Women, 1994.      Aussie director Gillian Armstrong wanted the   second youngest Oscar-winner (for Australia’s The Piano, 1993) as the littlest woman, the ailing Beth. Anna preferred to wait for Hollywood… and, sure enough, Steven Spielberg called her up for Queen Isabella II in Amistad, 1997.
  2. Tina Majorino, Waterworld, 1995.       The Oscared tot could have been a granny by the time the shooting wrapped!   The role was   Enola –   alone backwards. Or then again, half the name of the plane dropping the Hiroshima A-bomb.
  3. Dominique Swain, Tart, 2000.   They were mother and daughter in the second, Lolitain 1997.   Now Swain  took over the lead in Melanie Griffith’s production when the down-under star preferred to be the psychic Rogue aka Marie D’Ancanto, in X-Men, 1999.  And so co-star Bijou Phillips added to her one-word title collection during  2000-2008:  Wake, Choke, Spin, Venom, Havoc, Octane, Bully.
  4. Elizabeth Moss, Top of the Lake,  TV, 2012.     Australian director Jane Campion was so impressed by America’s  Deadwood that she decided to make  her own TV series.  With her stars from The Piano: Anna and Holly Hunter. Nearly happened. Holly agreed – then Anna proved pregnant. With her and Stephen Moyer’s twins: Charlie and Poppy.


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