Anne Gwynne

1. – Brenda Joyce, I’ll Tell The World, 1945. Anne won her 1939 contract after the shortest interview in Universal history: 47 seconds. Faster than a Woody Allen audition. A lot of good it did her. She was stuck in the B movie division (and TV) for 31 years.

2. – Brenda Joyce,   Strange Confession, 1945. Anne’s billing was The TNT Girl: “trim, neat and terrific.” She made 53 movies in 31 years and deserved better than B-Westerns, Z-chillers and being Dick Tracy’s Tess Truehart.

3. – Brenda Joyce,   Pillow of Death,   1945. All her Ô45 roles   were passed to the newly blonde Joyce, moving to Universal from Tarzan’s backyard. Here, the second   “you-Jane” even wore an Anne outfit from Weird Women, one of her seven films made   in 1944.

4. – Brenda Joyce,   I’ll Tell The World, 1945. Anne’s son-in-law, Robert Pine, was also contracted by Universal. He   had 150 screen roles in 40 years, mainly TV ð from ChiPs to Six Feet Under.


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