Anne Lockhart

  1. Shelley Duvall, Brewster McCloud, 1970.       Director Robert Altman asked his titular Bud Cort (Radar in M*A*S*) – if he had any idea about Suzanne. He sent along some wonderful actresses – Anne Lockhaet, included. “I could tell Bob was not 100% sold. Couple weeks later, he said he’d fund Suzanne… this little baby giraffe – eyelashes down to her chin and up to her forehead.” Duvall said: “Hi y’all!” But Altman thought “she was just full of shit… pretending to be that way. And I was really rude to her. But she turned out to be what she turned out to be.” She had never heard of him or M*A*S*H, and thought he was making a porno. “I gave my number … just to get out of there, figuring I was safe. After all, my father’s a lawyer.” Added Michael Murphy: “The closest she’s been to a movie is in the theatre, sitting in a chair. Of course, she was great!”
  2. Jamie Lee Curtis, Halloween, 1978.        No really, the then latest of the Lockhart clan (grandfolks Gene, Kathleen, and mother June) was John Carpenter‘s first thought for terrorised babysitter Laurie Strode.
  Then in strode JLC… Game over!  She won $8,000 for her debut.


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