Anthony Andrews

  1. Lewis Collins, The Professionals, TV, 1977-1983.    More Upstairs and Downstairs than James Bond, Andrews was replaced after three days as Bodie, one of the agents of the UK’s terrorism-fighting CI5: Criminal Intelligence. Although playing an officer (of course), Andrews proved tough enough for the bomb disposal heroes of Danger UXB in 1979.
  2. Pierce Brosnan, Remington Steele, TV, 1982-1987.  He looked so good in his upper class TV  tuxes that Andrews was first choice of  Mary Tyler Moore’s company  for the  ‘tec hero who didn’t exist. All his pseudonyms  – Douglas Quintain,  Michael O’Leary, John Murell, Paul Fabrini and Richard Blaine – were Bogart roles.  We never found out Steele’s real name.   It eventually became… James Bond! 
  3. Edward Fox, Return From The River Kwai, 1988.    Edward replaced his two-years younger brother, James, as Major Benford. And so Andrews missed Hollywood director Andrew V McLaglen’s penultimate film – never released in the USA for legal reasons. (Nothing to do with the original River Kwai film, either).
  4. Jeremy Irons, Brideshead Revisited, TV, 1981.   When BBC producer Derek Granger asked Andrews to play Charles Ryder, he said no thank you – feel sure I’d make a better Sebastian Flyte. And so he did. After swopping roles with Irons




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